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2022 BMW i4 Preview

bmw i4

The i4 is one of the newest models from BMW, and it's also one of the company's first electric cars. The i4 is a luxury sedan with the classic upscale appearance that fans worldwide identify with the high-end German brand. Along with its polished and head-turning appearance, the BMW i4 also has top-notch power and performance capabilities. There are two models available in the car's debut year, and it comes with a number of accessories and a well-rounded list of standard components.

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How to Paddle Shift a BMW

BMW X-Series  

Paddle shifters help turn cars from automatic transmissions into semi-automatic, giving the car a sporty feel. This feature was originally only available in sports cars. However in recent years, more manufacturers like BMW are opting for paddle shifters to their automatically transmitted cars. The main reason is because paddle shifters are the only way to downshift and upshift while still maintaining the sporty feel in cars.

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How to Activate the BMW Digital Key?

BMW has long been known for participating in the latest technological advances for vehicles. They are always looking to change the way that a consumer enjoys and utilizes their vehicle. The BMW Digital Key is one of the more recent technological advances. You can use your smartphone to control a variety of really important functions. It takes just one touch of a button to lock, unlock and start your engine. Let’s look at some of the features you get with the BMW Digital Key.

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Does BMW have Remote Start?

BMW 5-Series Interior 
BMW manufactures vehicles that provide an exceptional amount of class and quality. There are many beneficial features across their SUVs, sports coupes, and sedans. The remote start feature is being offered for their current lineup to make your life more comfortable and convenient behind the wheel. This was never a feature offered before, but BMW has been listening to their consumers.
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