If you are searching for the replacement parts to keep your ultimate driving machine in perpetual bliss, look no further than your regional BMW dealership. We carry every element of your BMW required to produce it in the factory. Whether you need a new headlight or something as minute as an O-ring, we have it all at our fingertips. Our technicians have factory computer diagrams that catalog every facet of your BMW inside and out. Every vacuum hose, bolt, and washer you may ever need to keep your BMW running like new is available. We have everything from brake, suspension, steering, and drivetrain parts to cup holders.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

More Quality and Peace of Mind

The quality of factory OEM BMW parts is visually apparent in many cases. Aftermarket knock-off parts typically are manufactured using methods such as gravity forging. Gravity-forged alloy wheels can literally fall apart and crumble with minimal vibration or pressure. Other distinguishable differences may be found in the low quality of the rubber and plastic parts. OEM parts are generally made of the highest quality rubbers that remain durable and flexible in all temperatures. The ABS plastics that are used in BMW's are often used to replace steel because they are rock solid.

The number of drivers on the roads ensures the quality of OEM parts. Because the parts are identical and engineered to perform, common report would reveal if any particular weaknesses were found. When you are driving on parts produced in a smaller volume from virtually unknown origins, you may never hear about the complaints. BMW spends billions of dollars engineering its parts and does everything possible to ensure every batch is held to the highest level of scrutiny to protect their image.

Top Notch Support with OEM Parts

OEM Brakes and Parts

Aftermarket parts may void your warranty. If you install even one aftermarket part, the entire functionality of an electromechanical system can be impaired. Electronic parts may have a different resistance and load than the original equipment. Thin wires can overheat and short out sensitive electronics. Even something as mundane as a power steering pump belt can cause vibration and tension on the bearing of the pump leading to premature failure. Your BMW is a very sensitive and highly sophisticated work of art that integrates many components together to form a harmonious balance.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

When you trust in OEM parts, you can rest assured that the part is an exact match for your vehicle. Our parts counter computer technicians sort through products by limiting the range to those fitting your VIN number. These parts are identical or ever so slightly improved versions that are engineered to go the extra mile. You will never have the inconvenience and wasted money on guessing whether the part was compatible. When you are working with factory OEM parts, the torque specifications and tolerances from the factory manuals can be applied with certainty.

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