BMW of Lincoln Git-R-Done Gala Sponsor

golf green

A game of golf is never as exciting as it is at the Git-R-Done Golf Classic, which is an annual event hosted by Larry the Cable Guy and frequented by his celebrity friends. Each year, the star-studded event raises money for a nonprofit called the Git-R-Done Foundation, which supports veterans' and children's organizations of various kinds.

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2022 BMW i4 Preview

bmw i4

The i4 is one of the newest models from BMW, and it's also one of the company's first electric cars. The i4 is a luxury sedan with the classic upscale appearance that fans worldwide identify with the high-end German brand. Along with its polished and head-turning appearance, the BMW i4 also has top-notch power and performance capabilities. There are two models available in the car's debut year, and it comes with a number of accessories and a well-rounded list of standard components.

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Preview: 2022 BMW i4

BMW i4 Front Exterior Preview  

If you've ever wished for an electric BMW, the 2022 BMW i4 is your answer. The BMW i4 is a first-ever electric vehicle of its kind from the legendary luxury automaker. The i4 is an all-electric sedan with a design based on the 3 Series, but it has an electric powertrain rather than a gasoline-powered engine. With the 2022 i4 comes a contemporary coupe-like design, and a powerful engine capable of 530 HP in output. The i4 is also projected to have an equally impressive range of 300 miles.

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About Autism Family Network in Lincoln

Tree of hands  

Children who grow up with a diagnosis of autism deserve to have a beautiful, memorable childhood. Sometimes they need a little more support than healthier children. The Autism Family Network (AFN) is a non-profit organization that understands how to make childhood a safer, more loving place for youth with autism. Through dedicated work with the community and the families themselves, AFN creates an anchor of hope for each child growing up against the odds. Families, too, will find reliable mental health resources and kind, compassionate support during their work with the network.

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What Is BMW ConnectedDrive?

BMW ConnectedDrive  

As luxury cars with high-performance profiles, the latest BMW models are appropriately equipped with cutting-edge electronic technologies. From virtual assistants to real-time traffic alerts, the BMW ConnectedDrive comes with plenty of helpful features for commutes and long-haul drives.

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Find Your Perfect Car in 2021

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

Research is a vital part of selecting a new vehicle from any dealership in the Lincoln area. When you are shopping with BMW of Lincoln, we want to make sure that you're not feeling stressed out with the process. We have many vehicles to choose from, but we're happy to help you narrow down your search. Here are some tips that we think will help you pick out the perfect vehicle in 2021.

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BMW iX Electric Crossover Preview

BMW iX Electric Crossover Exterior 

The iX is BMW's future electric flagship vehicle. It is looking to usher BMW into a new era of electrification, and it will be used as a bench test to optimize BMW's latest technologies. The iX is looking to make BMW a serious contender in the electric vehicle game, and our preliminary predictions show that BMW may be onto something with the iX.

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How to Paddle Shift a BMW

BMW X-Series  

Paddle shifters help turn cars from automatic transmissions into semi-automatic, giving the car a sporty feel. This feature was originally only available in sports cars. However in recent years, more manufacturers like BMW are opting for paddle shifters to their automatically transmitted cars. The main reason is because paddle shifters are the only way to downshift and upshift while still maintaining the sporty feel in cars.

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