Everyday, BMW of Lincoln helps people from all walks of life drive away in the car they've always wanted. Even if you feel that you can't afford a BMW, BMW of Lincoln can help customers just like you find the right financing package to ensure that the car they desire is put within reach.

Due to historically low-interest rates, a production oversupply of new sedans and other factors unique to today's car market, there has never been a better or more affordable time to become the owner of a new or pre-owned BMW. Even those with poor credit are often eligible for financing deals that can make BMW ownership a reality.

Is Financing a BMW the Right Move for You?

In today's harsh economic climate, including falling wages and the replacement of good jobs with those in the low-skill service sector, Americans are saving at some of the lowest rates in history. Unsurprisingly, this has translated into more people relying on financing deals of one kind or another to purchase their vehicles. But that glass is half full. In fact, today's market conditions, including easy lending standards and historically low-interest rates, make it among the best times in history to finance the purchase of a vehicle.

Even if you have the liquid assets on hand to pay cash for your new BMW, the incredibly low-interest rates currently prevailing mean that financing may still be the better option, freeing up capital for other more lucrative business ventures and investments. Regardless of your financial situation, BMW of Lincoln offers two broad categories of financing methods.

The first is acquiring a car through leasing. Leasing can make a great deal of sense for some people who are in business for themselves due to potentially preferential tax treatment. It can also be an excellent way to acquire a new car for those who drive relatively low miles or for those who need to keep their monthly payments low even at the cost of not building ownership equity in their car. However, for those who put a high number of miles on their vehicle each year, those who need to make modifications to their automobile or those who can benefit from full ownership rights, leasing may not be the best option.

For everyone else, there is auto-loan financing. Auto loan financing is effectively equivalent to paying cash, at least from an ownership standpoint. There are no per-year mileage restrictions, and owners may sell or modify their car however they choose. What's more, recent market trends have brought the costs of auto-loan financing closer in line with that of leasing, narrowing the latter's cost advantage considerably.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a BMW?

There is no minimum credit score that one needs to get automotive financing. At BMW of Lincoln, we help people drive off in their dream cars by the thousands each year. Regardless of the nature of your credit score, we are still able to work with them to ensure that they get the car they want.

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