What is BMW xDrive?  

BMW xDrive is a system that helps to distribute torque across the available wheels to maintain traction and stability. When a car is equipped with xDrive, it can detect the road conditions and send power to whichever wheel or wheels require it for maximum efficiency.

What is xDrive?

The xDrive system was initially developed to meet the needs of drivers looking for an improved all-wheel drive system. This technology has been used in BMW X models since 1999 and has proven highly effective. BMW xDrive is unique among other all-wheel drive systems because it can intelligently distribute power to the wheels that need it most instead of distributing energy in a predetermined way.

BMW also describes its technology variant as proactive or predictive, which means it anticipates which tires need energy and allocates power accordingly. This means drivers will continually enjoy optimal performance from their BMW X models when driving in different conditions.

What does BMW xDrive do?

BMW drivers benefit significantly from the BMW X models' intelligent all-wheel drive system, known as BMW xDrive. This system has been made for use in all weather conditions, meaning that it consistently delivers optimum performance irrespective of whether you're on snow or dry asphalt. This system is also relatively safe, as it assists in controlling rear-wheel slip and enhancing maneuverability.

This system is an excellent benefit for drivers who often find themselves on the road in inclement weather, such as in areas such as the mountains or in challenging driving conditions, or for drivers who often find themselves starting or parking their car on rough terrain. BMW xDrive also allows drivers to take advantage of the sporty handling characteristics of BMW X models, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable, confident ride on any road.

How it works

The BMW xDrive system constantly monitors the road conditions and will distribute power to ensure maximum traction. The system can detect road surfaces such as snow, ice, gravel, and wet pavement, as well as the depth of snow, and will allocate power accordingly to maintain increased stability and safety. When one of the wheels is at risk of slipping due to poor traction on a particular road area, the system will automatically switch power flow to that wheel or wheel. Each BMW X model features an intelligent all-wheel drive system capable of distributing power reliably and efficiently across its entire range.

How is it different from other systems?

The BMW xDrive system is not just unique among other all-wheel drive systems because it can dynamically distribute power between the wheels. The system also differs because it allows the driver to take advantage of BMW X models' impressive performance characteristics and to use their brake and acceleration control systems. At the same time, they drive in any weather.

In summary, the BMW xDrive system is one of the most advanced all-wheel drive systems. It can supply drivers with highly flexible and reliable all-weather performance. You can visit our dealership in Nebraska for more information.