BMW 5-Series Interior  

BMW Vehicles Featuring Remote Start Function

BMW manufactures vehicles that provide an exceptional amount of class and quality. There are many beneficial features across their SUVs, sports coupes, and sedans. The remote start feature is being offered for their current lineup to make your life more comfortable and convenient behind the wheel. This was never a feature offered before, but BMW has been listening to their consumers.

Why Wasn’t it Previously Included?

BMW purposely didn’t include the remote start in their vehicles up to this point. Some laws apply to the German and European markets, which prevent the remote start from being included. The purpose is to prevent a vehicle from idling too long. BMW is a German brand, which is what affected the decision.

How Can You Get It?

The BMW vehicles being made as part of the 2021 lineup won’t be coming off the assembly line with a remote start included, but you can obtain a retrofit remote start kit for your specific model. The current models that are included are the F10, F15, and X5. Your retrofit kit will work with your current key fob, so you don’t have to invest in anything new or carry a second remote.

Additional Features

BMW has taken the remote start to the next level. Their design will determine if it’s safe for the engine to start based on criteria such as:

  • Whether or not the windows and sunroof are closed.
  • Whether or not doors are shut and locked.
  • The parking brake must be engaged.
  • If the vehicle has low fuel, the remote start will not work.

How Does it Work?

To utilize your remote start, you’ll want to press your key fob’s lock button three times. On the third press, hold the button down to start your vehicle remotely. The engine will run for 20 minutes before shutting off automatically if you don’t enter the car. This is a great way to warm up or cool off your vehicle before you slide behind the wheel.

To gain more information or schedule an appointment to have your vehicle fitted with a remote start feature, contact BMW of Lincoln. Our sales team can provide you with more information about this feature, and our certified technicians can properly complete the installation.