2023 BMW i7 Exterior

What's New for the 2023 BMW i7?

This year, everything is new for the i7 since it is a new vehicle.

What Are the 2023 i7 Trims and Features?

The only real trim for this vehicle is called the xDrive60. This features items like the 17 speakers you can get from Bowers and Wilkins. You can upgrade to a max of 39 speakers if you would like. This is the Diamond Sound System. You get Merino Leather and the Mirror Oak Wood Trim. There are heated and ventilated seats for staying comfortable no matter what type of year there is.

In addition, it also has rear-axle steering. It makes for better maneuverability at lower speeds. It also has a better turning speed, and you get more stability when the speeds are higher.

2023 BMW i7 Interior

What Kind of Horsepower Does the BMW i7 Possess?

When you put together all of your engines with the two electric motors, the horsepower comes out to 536.

Which Safety Features Does the BMW i7 Have?

The i7 has the standard emergency braking option that goes with pedestrian detection. This means the vehicle can stop automatically if it is about to hit something. It also means that it can keep you apprised of potential problems like pedestrians on the road. This system comes standard.

The lane-departure warning with the lane-keeping assist is also standard. The computer will tell you if you are drifting out of the lane. It can also keep you in the lane if you need help with doing that. If you want to add the adaptive cruise control with the semi-autonomous option, you can do that. This will allow you to drive without using your hands in the right situations. This includes certain parts of the United States.

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