When Does BMW Plan To Be All Electric?  

In 2025, BMW plans to start its BEV Neue Klasse plan. This will be the standard for all new models that come out from that point. This includes new software and next-generation batteries, and electric drives. They plan to go to 50% of global sales by 2030 and fully electric sometime afterward.

BMW's Strategy

This means that BMW counts itself as ahead of the curve compared to other automakers since many are aimed more at 2030 or 2040 to focus on electric vehicles. While BMW may not hit full electric that early, they are still trying to get to 2 million sales by 2025, and they are at 1 million now.

Many of these sales were indeed hybrids, more than two-thirds, but the focus is on modernizing their approach. This includes EVs and ICE vehicles, at least for the present right now. BMWs have been focusing on many different technologies rather than just EVs for a while to help reduce the global emissions rate. BMW has also said that the major issue their having that may be a barrier to fully EV vehicles is difficulties related to infrastructure. November sales for EVs for BMW were down from the previous year in November, according to the company.

In other words, BMW has ambitious goals for focusing on Evs, but they are worried about meeting these goals since they are worried that infrastructure like electric stations will simply not be there. However, there's some evidence to suggest that this could improve quickly, considering there are bills in the works that would add more electric charging stations in more places in the U.S. So that people could use Evs in more places. That's the main concern of BMW and other carmakers when it comes to electric vehicles, namely that people would have no place to charge them if they don't have a set up to handle for themselves.

However, the more such infrastructure is added, the less this becomes a major problem.

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