BMW Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

The main BMW electric car for 2022 is the i4. It has a decent range, fast acceleration, and some serious features to appeal to the electric vehicle market.

The I4

This vehicle has a few different models, including the M50 and the Edrive40. The BMW i4 M50 is a fast machine going from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. It has a range of 270 miles and a maximum horsepower of 536. It can charge 97 miles of range in just 10 minutes of fast charging. The eDrive40 instead has more range rather than all of that power. It can go up to 301 miles on just a single charge.

For the M50, the low battery mount means that it has better balance and makes for a more responsive drive as well. Many things on the M50 are made from lightweight aluminum, including the suspension components, the chassis, and the body panels. There are quite a few features from this electric vehicle as well, such as engineering from M. This includes the M sport brakes, wheels, adaptive suspension, and more.

In contrast, the eDrive40 focuses on the range. The vehicles also come with accessories for harnessing energy wherever you are. There's the BMW Wallbox so you can plug right into your house's electricity, for example. You also get 2 years of free charging from the Electrify America Network. There's the Flexible Fast Charger as well for the i4, which allows you to connect to any 120v or 240v outlet. Even with these chargers, it only takes 10 hours to fully charge the vehicle on the 240v charge.

The iDrive 8 operating system for BMW also makes it so these vehicles can get remote software upgrades when they become available. The vehicles also have potential access to 5G connectivity for upgrades and just staying connected on the road. That way, the vehicle can stay competitive just by upgrading when new software is available in the future.

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