Get the Facts on Tire Maintenance at BMW of Lincoln

Old or underserviced tires can damage your luxury car and put you and your passengers in harms way. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of tire maintenance.

All tires don't experience the same wear and tear, but they do all need regular service to stay in good shape and keep your car running smoothly. Routine service prevents damage to your luxury vehicle, helps tires last longer and keeps passengers safe. 

Continue reading below to learn how proper tire service for your new BMW 2 Series, 5 Series or 7 Series will help you get the most out of your luxury vehicle. If you're due for high-quality luxury car tire repair or service, schedule an appointment with BMW of Lincoln today! 

Recommended Tire Service Intervals

Lincoln Tire Maintenance
Many tire maintenance practices may be done several times throughout the year depending on the brand and model. However, with BMW services like tire rotation can be handled yearly or at each 10k service. Also, keep in mind that for some BMW models the tires cannot be rotated.

Your owner's manual is the first place to get information regarding what's best for your particular BMW, and your service advisor can assist with keeping you on track with your tire maintenance schedule as well. The same goes for tire alignment, which is also very important for keeping your tire tread in good health for the long term.

Along with this, in between appointments for tire service in Lincoln, NE, it is necessary to keep an eye on the tire pressure of your BMW. This is a practice that any car owner can do themselves from the comfort of their driveway! To learn more about the ideal psi for your car's tires, check your BMW owner's manual or give us a call. Maintaining this best level of pressure will extend the usage of your tires.

Symptoms of Tire Wear and Tear

Some signs that it is time for tire repair and replacement will be obvious, but others may require a deeper look. However, it is quite easy to perform a cursory check up on your BMW tires.

If the air pressure in your tires is running low, an orange exclamation mark light will appear on your dashboard. Even if the signal is not on, you may notice your tires sagging, especially after a sudden change in the weather. In this event, you'll want to do a quick pressure check.

If you find that the tires of your luxury vehicle often have low air pressure, it may indicate a hole or a leak, and it is important to immediately have them inspected and repaired. Underinflated tires increase your risk of a blowout, which could result in damage or injury.

Other symptoms that it is time for new tires or tire service in Lincoln are:

  • Bulges in your tires
  • Damage to the sidewall
  • Unusual wear patterns on tires
  • Vibration of the steering wheel while driving
  • Cracking in the rubber
  • Tread depth at or below 3/32 or 3mm

When to Replace BMW Tires

There is not straightforward answer to this. It all depends on how many miles you drive per year and if you have your tires rotated, balanced and aligned when those services are due. However, some experts suggest not keeping tires for longer than 10 years due to a break down in the rubber over time, even if you rarely drive your vehicle. For most drivers, it's important to pay attention to your tires' tread. Our service technicians can also help give you a good idea of when is the best time for tire replacement.

Wondering how to tell if the tread is too low? You can conduct a quick inspection using the "Penny Test." Place a penny with Lincoln's head down into the grooves of your tires---if the top of Lincoln's head is uncovered by the grooves, it's likely time for a new set of tires.

BMW of Lincoln Is the Right Choice for Tire Service Near Me

Your luxury car will get the best service and treatment at our BMW tire shop in Lincoln, NE. Our knowledgeable team of maintenance professionals is trained to handle the unique design and engineering of BMW models. Whether you need a simple rotation and balance or new BMW tires, we're here to provide the best care possible to you and your vehicle.

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