When Does Your BMW Need New Brake Pads?

Your luxury BMW needs regular service to stay running at top performance. Find out when to get your brakes checked in this video.

Getting reliable and responsible car service is very important to luxury car owners in the Lincoln area. From oil changes to tire rotations, most BMW drivers know how vital it is to get your vehicle routinely serviced to help it remain both healthy and safe. However, one necessary service exists that might not be so obvious to car owners: brake service.

Why Is BMW Brake Service in Lincoln So Important?

We get this question a lot, and the main reason is safety. Your brakes are by far one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment on your car, which means that it's necessary to have them checked and serviced on a routine basis. Unkempt brakes can cause a lot of problems for drivers; not only affecting their safety on the road, but also costing them a lot more down the line.

What Goes Into Brake Service?

When you bring your new or used car into our brake repair shop in Lincoln, we first check to see if you've been having any obvious problems with your car, like a loud screeching noise or a slight pulling to the left or right when braking.

After that, we'll check your brakes to make sure your brake pads are up-to-date and haven't worn too thin to be effective. Our expert service technicians will also check your brake rotors and other pieces of equipment to make sure they are working properly as well.

When to Get BMW Brake Fluid Flush

Our team will also check your brake fluid if you're unsure when you're due for this service. Generally, BMW recommends getting brake fluid changed every 20,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first.

Disc Brakes and Pads

What Other Signs of Brake Trouble Should I Look Out For?

There are a few more signs that your brakes might need servicing, including:

  • A shuddering of the steering wheel when braking
  • A loud grinding noise
  • A slowing of your stopping speed

If you find that your car is doing any one of these things, we highly recommend bringing it into our BMW service center in Lincoln so that we can diagnosed and fix any potential problems.

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