Ever slide into your vehicle, turn the ignition and buckle your seat belt only to realize your trunk isn’t closed all the way? Luckily, BMW has a terrific solution to this problem! Click play on the video above to learn how to utilize the handy open/close trunk feature, if your vehicle is so equipped.

Opening And Closing Your Trunk From The Driver's Seat

We've all been there where we slide in our seat, turn the key, and go to back up to only find out that our trunk wasn't closed the whole way. This can get frustrating when you have a vehicle other than a BMW. Luckily, BMW owners can enjoy the ability to open and close their trunk from the comfort of their driver's seat.

How To Open and Close a Trunk from the Driver's Seat

While there are many reasons that opening and closing your trunk from inside your car is useful, we're going to skip over those and just get right into the how-to. When sitting in the driver's seat of your BMW, look over to the driver's door. Near the storage pocket, you'll find a button with a diagram of a car with the trunk open. This is the button which will activate the opening or closing of your vehicle's trunk.

When looking to open your trunk, simply push down on this button. When it's time to close your trunk, simply pull up and hold on the button until the trunk latches. If at any time you release the button during the closing movement, the trunk will immediately stop. You'll need to pull up again and hold down on the button in order for the closing movement of the trunk to be fully completed.

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