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To increase a car's longevity, vehicle maintenance is a must. Ensuring that your car is firing on all cylinders is one surefire way to remain safe while behind the wheel. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to keep your automobile dependable.

Oil Changes

About every six months, it's essential to tend to the engine oil. Changing the oil in your vehicle promotes a smooth-running engine. In essence, an oil change helps remove harmful impurities. Typically, this maintenance service is performed every six months or so. For a more accurate answer, refer to your owner's manual. Enlisting the help of an industry professional is another viable option.

Thorough Inspection

Vehicles come with countless nooks, crannies, bells, and whistles. All of which need to be thoroughly inspected from time to time. When you allow a technician to evaluate your car's many moving parts, it bodes well for the reliability of your vehicle. They'll help you determine if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. Consider taking your car in for an inspection once a year.

Tire Rotation

2020 BMW 3 Series

Your tires play a prominent role in your vehicle's dependability. With a tire inspection, you can determine the quality of your tires while uncovering vulnerable areas. If you detect any cracks, bulges, or weak pressure points, a mechanic will tell you what your options are. In most cases, rotating all four tires helps keep these issues at bay.

Be Vigilant

You can't assume that your car will take care of itself. It's imperative that you pay attention to any unusual sounds, movements, or issues that occur. If something seems off, it's prudent to err on the side of caution. In other words, get your automobile examined immediately. You'll find great peace of mind in knowing that a professional has weighed in on the matter.

For more information on how to keep your car well-oiled, contact our BMW dealership. With our expertise, we'll help keep your vehicle dependable.