How Does BMW X Series Beat out Other SUVs

BMW X Series

BMW has long been held in high regard above all other luxury brands for good reason. They a history exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort which are integrated into the most modern looking exteriors of their times. Today is no different: there are many performance, styling and technological advancements which BMW holds over its competitors. Let’s dive into some of the ways in which BMW outperforms all others.

BMW X Series is the Star Of Performance

With a zero to sixty acceleration of 5.3 seconds on the 2019 X5 model, BMW proves once again that it is faster than rivals like the 2018 Audi Q7 (7.1 seconds), the 2019 Land Rover Discovery (6.9 seconds), the 2018 Lincoln Navigator (5.5 seconds), the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS (6.5 seconds) and the 2019 Volvo XC90 (6.6 seconds). The best part is that this is all achieved while having the same, or in many cases better, gas mileage than its competitors. EPA combined MPG on the 2019 X5 is 22 while rivals like Mercedes, Audi, Lincoln and Land Rover get only 18.

Horsepower For On or Off Road Adventures

In terms of sheer horsepower, BMW once again beats rivals. The 2019 X5 and X7 have 335 horsepower from an xDrive40i engine which outperforms the 2019 XC90 (316 hp) and the 2018 Q7 (252 hp). With 330 pound-feet of torque the BMW xDrive40i engine once again wins against Audi’s Q7 (273) and the 2019 XC90 at just 295.

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