Does BMW have Remote Start?

BMW 5-Series Interior

While you still cannot purchase a new BMW that comes automatically with a remote start, it is now possible to get an after sales Remote Engine Start system installed for a number of models in the BMW line. It is a retrofit option, as laws in Germany prevent BMW from manufacturing cars with a factory installed remote start option.

The remote start feature is used by many drivers to avoid getting into a cold, ice-covered car in the middle of winter. In the reverse, the remote start allows drivers to set their air-conditioning prior to leaving the vehicle and cooling off the car in the morning before getting in by remote.

The retrofit Remote Engine Start is available for BMWs F15, X5 and F10 5 series. It is used with the key fob that originally comes with the car. It takes three presses on the lock button to activate the remote start. The system is smart enough to determine if it is safe enough to turn the engine on, and the ignition won't turn on if it's unsafe to do so.

The Remote Engine Start kit has a number of benefits for drivers of BMWs who want a remote start option. Since the system can be used with the current key fob provided by BMW, there is no need to carry around separate remotes.

The system is simple to use and gives BMW drivers the convenience of starting their vehicle from the home or office, allowing the car to warm up before driving in freezing conditions.

It takes two pushes of the lock button, and then the lock button gets held down for several seconds. This turns on the BMW remotely using the retrofit system. The car then stays on for 20 minutes and turns off if the driver does not come to the vehicle to drive it.

In order for the remote start to turn on, all windows have to be closed, including the sunroof. The vehicle must also be securely locked, and the parking brake on. In addition, if there is a warning light on or the vehicle is measuring low fuel, the vehicle will not start remotely.

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