BMW 3 Series on the Road

BMW continues to exceed expectations by offering immense conveniences. SiriusXM is one of those bonus amenities. Satellite radio comes standard on a trial basis with all 2018 BMW models. The cars and SUVs typically have the feature activated so that drivers can get in the car and effortlessly listen to their favorite stations. Certified pre-owned BMW models usually need to be reset for SiriusXM for drivers to enjoy more than 150 stations.

How Do I Reset My Satellite Radio?

Resetting your SiriusXM radio can be done in one of three ways. First, you can download the SiriusXM dealer app, which provides a roadmap for gaining access to your free three-month trial of the service. Smartphone owners usually have the ease of scanning the VIN barcode and sending a refresh signal to their vehicle’s infotainment center. There is, of course, also the opportunity for owners to enter the numbers beneath the barcode for the same seamless syncing and refreshing. You can utilize the app option if you have an Apple or Android phone.

How Do I Activate My SirusXM Subscription?

Another way to reset your vehicle’s SiriusXM subscription is by calling their hotline. A voice-automated system will guide you through the process and activate your plan. You will need the VIN barcode number to reset using this method. There is no need to speak with an agent to access your SiriusXM subscription via phone.

Regardless of whether you refresh online or by telephone, you will need your radio’s ESN/RID and have the radio turned ON for the process to work. Your three-month SiriusXM subscription begins on the date of sale. It is, therefore, essential that you activate the feature sooner rather than later to reap its full benefits.

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